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Fireworks that bring joy

We have been producing pyrotechnics and bringing joy to people since 1993. We are the country’s most  experienced firework producer . We sell pyrotechnics throughout Russia and the CIS countries and organize pyro-shows around the world. We help to make your holiday spectacular and memorable. Our fireworks are a mass of ​​positive emotions, happy eyes and smiles of adults and children.


To bring big celebrations closer to your home, we have created Russia’s largest retail network  of certified firework stores. Bolshoy Prazdnik operates 240 specialized stores in 90 cities. They comply with all legislative requirements and meet high customer service standards.

Even if you don’t understand anything about fireworks and don’t know the difference between a firework battery and combined fireworks, but you want a spectacular celebration for yourself and your loved ones, we’re there for you. All our employees have undergone special training, so they are competent in all issues concerning pyrotechnics and safety. They will be able to offer you the most suitable fireworks for your event.

People come to us when they want to celebrate New Year’s, birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, corporate parties, when they want to surprise their kids. Bolshoy Prazdnik has all types of pyrotechnics in one place. Here you will find Roman candles, rockets, fountains, party poppers, aerial fireworks, sparklers, combined fireworks, ground fireworks, firecrackers, and items for your celebration. Bolshoy Prazdnik has  pyrotechnics waiting for you to last for several Brazilian carnivals.

We take your safety very seriously; therefore, our products comply with all Russian standards, have been subjected to exceptionally rigorous testing, and have been certified by government agencies. All our fireworks are manufactured in standardized fashion.

Bolshoy Prazdnik’s firework packaging has a bright, colorful, festive look with its own authentic design - a perfect gift for any occasion.

If you add a highlight to your event and set off Bolshoy Prazdnik’s fireworks, your guests will gasp with delight, rejoice abundantly like children, and behold the colorful performance with admiring eyes.



Entrust your celebration or show to our pyrotechnicians, with their experience exceeding 8,000 successful completed works. We are there to organize classic city shows at Victory Day or New Year’s Eve, a family celebration or a magnificent wedding, or whenever fresh ideas, unique scenarios, a variety of pyrotechnics, interesting color solutions, or synchronization with music are needed.

Our experience in producing pyrotechnic shows enables us to implement the most complex ideas. We know how to link music, fireworks and other pyrotechnic elements together to create an ideal pyro-music show. For this reason, we frequently work on large-scale international sport competitions, international music contests, and important public events.

Our team has been among the winners and awardees at international festivals in Barcelona, ​​Shanghai, Moscow, and many other cities of Russia and the world.

Our brightest multimedia shows include the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the First European Games (Baku), International Competition of Young Performers of Popular Music “New Wave” (Sochi), Piromusical dе Lа Mercè (Barcelona), Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe (Baku), International Fireworks Festival “Rostech” (Moscow), annual fireworks in Murom at the festival dedicated to Family, Love and Fidelity Day held under the patronage of Svetlana Medvedeva, and many others.


  1. 1.The first prize  - “Fire Up The Night” International Fireworks Competition – 2019 – Coney Island, Cincinnati, USA
  2. 2.Knokke-Heist , International Fireworks Festival - 2019 - Knokke-Heist,Belgium
  3. 3.Grand Prix - International Championship of Pyrotechnic art "PyroFivePeaks” - 2019 – Essentuki ,Russia
  4. 4.The first prize -  “Serebryanaya Ladya” 14th Fireworks Festival, Kostroma, Russia (2019)
  5. 5.The first prize  - “Poeziya Ognya” the 6th Pyrotechnic Festival, Yelabuga, Russia (2019)
  6. 6.The second prize - Zagreb International Fireworks Festival by “Mirnovec Pirotehnika”  - 2018- Croatia
  7. 7.Fireworks in honor of Uzbekistan's Independence Day - 2018
  8. 8.Zhara Music Festival in Baku (annually)
  9. 9.Formula 1 Grand Prix Of Europe  - 2017, 2016 - Baku, Azerbaijan
  10. 10.Grand Prix and Audience Award at the 5th International ROSTEC Fireworks Festival, Moscow, Russia (2019)
  11. 11.Host Company for “Rostec”, International Fireworks Competition - 2015-2019 - Moscow, Russia
    • the third prize - technical support for Italian team ‘’Panzera’’ (2019),
    • the first prize – technical support for Slovak team “PRIVATEX-PYRO” and the third prize - technical support for USA team “Rozzi Fireworks” (2018),
    • the second prize - technical support  for Croatia team  “Mirnovec Pirotehnika” (2017), 
    • the second prize  - technical support for Azerbaijan team “Bolshoy Prazdnik-Baku” (2016),
    • the second prize - technical support for Chile team “Pirotecnia SPA” , technical support for Spanish team “Pyrotecnia Igual” (2015)
  12. 12.The first prize -  “Light the Stars” International Fireworks Competition - 2019 - Omsk, Russia
  13. 13.Bolshoy Prazdnik show in Gelendzhik -  2014,2016,2017
  14. 14.The countdown to the European Games, Baku, Azerbaijan (2014)
  15. 15.The second prize  - “Zvezdopad”  International Fireworks Festival - 2016,2017 – Smolensk, Russia
  16. 16.Fireworks display at the first round of the Formula One European Grand Prix, Baku, Azerbaijan (2016)
  17. 17.Opening and closing ceremonies of the First European Games - 2015 - Baku, Azerbaijan
  18. 18.The 4th Islamic Solidarity Games (2017)
  19. 19.Piromusical dе Lа Mercè - 2013 - Barcelona, Spain
  20. 20.The third prize - Shanghai Firework Festival  - 2008 -Shanghai, China


We care about your safety; therefore Bolshoy Prazdnik uses only certified products and modern equipment which meet all safety requirements. We work only with trusted suppliers from Europe and China. Their products are used at the Olympic Games and pyrotechnic shows at Disneyland. All our shows are insured.

Our pyrotechnicians are constantly improving and developing their skills; they are trained by the most renowned professionals of the highest level.

Bolshoy Prazdnik is a member of Russian pyrotechnic Association “RAPID Fireworks” and the Moscow Pyrotechnic Association; it was received an award from the Russian Pyrotechnic Association “For contribution to and development of the festival movement in Russia”.


Today Bolshoy Prazdnik group incorporates more than 1,000 like-minded professionals who are passionate about their work and, ready to give people celebrations every day. Above all, we strive to bring joy to people.