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"Bolshoy Prazdnik" wins top prize at PyroFivePeak

27 May 2019

Congratulations to the team of "Bolshoy Prazdnik" on the BIG WIN! The team won the top prize at the International Pyrotechnics Competition, PyroFivePeaks, in Yessentuki! Amazing job!

The rest of the award winners were as follows:

– Nomination for "Best Musical and Artistic Representation of the Festival Theme" – Bulgarian team "Assiko"

– Nomination for "Best Organized Pyrotechnics Show" – team "Liuyang Jinsheng Fireworks" from China

– Nomination for "Memorable and Creative Approach" – Kazakhstan team "Show-Design"

– Nomination "For the Most Creative Music" – Belarus team "Calvin"

– "Innovative and High-tech Pyrotechnics" – Russian team "Orion-Art"