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New Year's Fantasy Contest

04 December 2019

Attention! A competition for all firework lovers! December is the time for gifts and fireworks. Treat yourself and your family on New Year's Eve with fireworks from Bolshoy Prazdnik.

To enter the competition:

- You must be subscribed to our group or follow at least one of our social media pages: www.vk.com/bolshoyru

www.ok.ru/bigprazdnik @bigprazdnik www.facebook.com/bolshoy.ru.prazdnik/


Contest rules for users of VKontakte, Facebook, and Odnoklassniki:

  • Leave a comment below: why do you think people love setting off fireworks on New Year's Eve?
  • Participants can post up to two comments. Third and subsequent answers will not count towards the competition.
  • There must be a Bolshoy Prazdnik in your region. The list of the cities where winners can collect their prizes is available on our website at http://www.bolshoy.ru/contacts/
  • Your profile must remain public for the duration of the contest and can not be created specifically for the contest.

Contest rules for Instagram users:

  • Put your amazing imagination at work and make a unique photo or a collage titled "Fireworks Are a Great Holiday".  It can be a selfie, a still life photograph, or even a photo with your cat. However, it must be your original photo and not a picture taken from the Internet.
  • Post the photo on your Instagram page with the following two hashtags: #mybigprazdnik2019 and #bigprazdnik
  • Follow us on Instagram @bigprazdnik
  • Your profile must be public for the duration of the contest until the results are announced
  • Keep your fingers crossed :)

Submission deadline: 3:00 p.m. Moscow time on December 18, 2019. After that, our designers will pick out their favorite original submissions and announce the prize-winners. Good luck!

 ATTENTION! The list of the cities where winners can collect their prizes is available at http://www.bolshoy.ru/contacts/