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Bolshoy Prazdnik to Perform in Sochi

22 June 2021

The Fireworks Parade will be conducted on the Medalnaya Square at the Sochi Olympic Park. The event starts on June 18th and ends August 15th. 3 teams of pyrotechnicians from Bolshoy Prazdnik will take part in the parade for three weekends in a row, much to the delight of the audience. 


The audience will see a high-altitude fireworks display and various pyrotechnical feats: fire wheels, fountains, waterfalls, and an enchantingly beautiful "live" fire up to 10 meters tall.


Bolshoy Prazdnik performance schedule:


Bolshoy Prazdnik Samara: June 25–27, 2021

Bolshoy Prazdnik Ekaterinburg: July 2–4, 2021

Bolshoy Prazdnik Moscow: July 9–11, 2021

Come and enjoy the beauty of the fireworks displays. 

Learn more about the full performance schedule at the organizer's website: https://pyrotec.ru/