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Bolshoy Prazdnik's Victory Fireworks Contest

10 June 2020

This year's Victory Parade has been postponed to 24 June, so we have decided to time our competition to coincide with the event. The winner will get 2,000 rubles worth of fireworks from Bolshoy Prazdnik.  Win fireworks and set off your personal Victory Day display in honour of those who defended the Motherland 75 years ago!

To enter the contest, you need to:

  • follow us on one of the following social media platforms:




To enter the contest via VK or OK.ru, you need to:

  • share the post about the contest
  • leave your ranking number in the comment section under the contest image
  • the post must remain in the most recent five posts on your wall for the duration of the contest
  • your profile must remain public until the end of the contest
  • to enter the contest via VK, you also need to subscribe to one of our newsletters:

For those who like discounts: https://vk.cc/auWmNj  

For those who like to play and win: https://vk.cc/auWmzD

For those who just want to enjoy life: https://vk.cc/auWmlW 

For the most curious: https://vk.cc/auWm66


The winner will be selected randomly on 23 June 2020. Don't miss your chance!

PLEASE NOTE! The list of cities where the winner can claim their prize is available at http://www.bolshoy.ru/contacts/